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The Lakehouse Optimizer by Blueprint is a cutting-edge tool that monitors Databricks environments, identifies issues in data pipelines, and provides intelligent recommendations to improve performance and reduce cloud costs, optimizing total cost of ownership (TCO). 

How LHO assists you:

  • Proactive reporting 

    • Proactive and simplified detection of anomalies in your data and models, reducing time to market and operational costs incurred due to inefficiencies. 

  • Unified tooling from data to ML 

    • Gain complete visibility into all your data and models in a matter of minutes. The auto-generated metrics enable you to measure the impact of your data and ML products more effectively right out of the box. 

  • Automated root cause analysis 

    • Seamlessly debug data and model quality issues by tracing root cause back to the anomalies. Capabilities such as automated root cause analysis mean less time to value and higher efficiencies in your production pipelines. 


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