Here are some frequently asked questions regarding the Lakehouse Optimizer.

Getting Started


The Lakehouse Optimizer is available for a 30-day Free Trial in the Azure Marketplace to deploy on your own. You can follow this guide for assistance. If you would rather have a guided experience, Blueprint can help you through your AWS or Azure deployment to get you up and running.

No, the Lakehouse Optimizer will be contained within your infrastructure on one of your VMs.

Yes, LHO is available in Azure and on AWS via a guided install - contact us for assistance.

With a guided installation you will have direct access to a Blueprint Customer Success Rep. Self-service support can be accessed here. If you installed LHO via a marketplace, you can contact us at support@bpcs.com or open a ticket at https://bpcs.com/support.

In order to help you optimize your Databricks environment and receive full benefit from the Lakehouse Optimizer Blueprint provides additional services to support you depending on your needs. In some instances, we will do a 2-week guided installation and point you on the right path, or we can do 30- or 90-day POCs to dig into your environment, understand your business needs and find customized ways to optimize and enhance your lakehouse initiatives.




If you find that your questions have not been answered, please Contact Us for further discussion. We are here to help you make the most out of your Lakehouse Optimizer experience!